Saturday, 23 April 2016

Simple but Effective Artwork

Here is a simple way to create amazing pieces of art for your space, they are super easy and quick to make but look super cute and stylish.
Here are just a few of the many options out there, I chose to do some cool scenery in the form of some common shapes on a4 paper; I used binder clips to attach them to my wall but you could frame them or even just tack them up onto the wall.


- coloured/patterned paper
- plain white paper
- scissors
- gluestick
- maybe some images to look at
- some shapes to trace
- an imagination

  All I did was cut one background colour then a colour for my mountain and one for the hill. I then cut them down to shape and stuck them together before neatening the edges and finally I stuck it to my a4 paper and wrote a label on the bottom.  For this one I wanted to try something a bit different so I used a patterned paper for the background but still followed the exact same steps as before but just using a few more layers. This last design is a more simple one but I think it looks just as effective. (it was a lot easier to make too haha)

Some tips:

- Make sure your hands are CLEAN, you don't want to ruin your project by getting smudges all over it.
- Try to use colours that match or look aesthetically pleasing, this makes your overall project look ten times better if your colours go together and match nicely.
- DON'T RUSH take your time to make sure your cuts are smooth and your edges are clean.
- Stick to a theme, if you are creating more than one to line up on a wall try to theme the colours for that added wow factor (you could even try what I did by making the mountains in each artwork the same bright colour for added effect)

Have fun making your own creative artwork :)